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Video: How ServiceNow Security Operations Can Help Unify and Accelerate Your Incident Response

Despite major organizational investment in security and vulnerability management toolsets, surveys and studies everywhere show that companies are still taking too long to respond to important signals from all of these.

Oversights of too much information are delaying security teams ability to identify, mitigate and remediate critical incidents and aging vulnerabilities.  In the last 18 months, enterprises have mobilized to take security process and procedure into a SOC workbench with a maturity plan, but the reality is a majority are still mired down in siloed dysfunction and manual or mundane processes.  Automation is a dream many are simply unprepared for, meanwhile, Integration is at a high point in our time…let’s leverage it!

The challenges organizations face, lie in these core areas:
  • Ineffective collaboration between IT, Network and Security
  • Lack of business context on critical incidents or vulnerabilities
  • Under-processed signals versus noise from underutilized toolsets
  • Lack of management visibility into the overall efficacy of the team

ServiceNow customers are starting to change the game in “operationalizing security” by extending their leading Service Platform into the underserved areas of day-to-day incident response and vulnerability lifecycle management! 

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Pat McPherson

Written by Pat McPherson

Senior Sales Engineer at ITS Partners

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