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Video: Drive Software Asset Management Transparency with Servicenow

Yvette Mathews
February 21, 2019

To effectively manage and improve your systems, you need to know exactly what assets are in your IT environment and have current, accurate configuration data.

Drive Software Asset Management Transparency with ServiceNow Final

ServiceNow has a full portfolio to capitalize on this age old problem. At this webcast we'll be discussing some of the best practices around Software Asset Management (SAM), Software Asset Management Professional (SAM-P), CMDB and leveraging a Discovery tool. ITS Partners is ServiceNow’s specialized partner for SAM and SAM- P implementations.

In this video, Yvette Mathews, ITAM/CMDB ServiceNow Practice Manager,  discusses the best practices for Asset Management programs. 


Learn the 5 things that Mature ITAM Programs are doing right.


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