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ITS Jamf Integration for ServiceNow: Bringing Simplicity and Modern User Experiences to the Enterprise App

Jay Wigard
March 28, 2019

We're excited to announce our new ITS Jamf Integration. This integration brings a sleek, user-friendly experience to customers looking to bring their Mac hardware and software inventory from Jamf Pro into ServiceNow.

The ITS Jamf SN Integration Video

We looked to create a streamlined approach to installation to reduce errors and the need for lengthy documentation.

“Historically, integrations on the Now Platform can take a day or more to configure,” says Jay Wigard, Product Leader at ITS Partners. “We just hide the complexity behind a modern user interface so you can configure everything in a couple of minutes.”

Wigard believes this concept is the future of enterprise integrations.  People expect intuitive user experiences from mobile apps, and his mission here at ITS is to bring that simplicity to more complex enterprise apps.

“It’s great because it saves companies time and money, and it helps keep their people happier. In the past, users had to edit a bunch of files or records, read lengthy PDFs, etc. – creating a lot of opportunity for user error. It’s easy to misconfigure a step or miss one altogether and not know why an integration doesn’t work,” explains Wigard. “Our guided setup gives immediate feedback and stops the user it there’s an error so they can correct it right away and move on.”

The new integration is a perfect complement to our world class ITAM and ITOM practices, the latter of which also provides Jamf Pro licenses and implementation for companies that are new to enterprise scale Mac management.

To learn more about our this integration and its features, visit itsinnovations.io.

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