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Think outside the box with SAM and ServiceNow

Jake McKenna
July 1, 2020

Do you want to leverage the customization of your SAM system to find hidden insights and get the most out of your software?

Many organizations using the software asset management capabilities in ServiceNow typically pull the software off the shelf and use it the way it comes. They spend little time customizing the software or considering the potential that lies within their data. At ITS, our deep expertise in SAM and ServiceNow allows us to take the information gathered from a basic implementation and turn it into incredibly valuable data.

Here are three ways we do this:

Detailed True-Ups 

One way you can get more out of your SAM software is to drill down into the “off the shelf” data. For example, out of the box, your software will tell you how many software assets you are paying for, vs. how many you need. No one disputes the value there. However, if we push the data a little further with a simple customization, we can see specifically which departments are under or over utilizing their software and by how much. Instead of having to track down every instance of unnecessary software through a manual audit, we can instantly know which departments (or even which managers) are responsible for the overspend on software. For example, if your organization has purchased 200 more licenses than it needs, you could see that the marketing department is responsible for 50 of those licenses and accounting is responsible for 150. 


Another way to parse out your data is to categorize types of users based on how many licenses they typically use. This kind of data segmentation is extremely useful when estimating costs during times of change. With a slight customization, you get a clear estimation of how many licenses will be removed or purchased during common situations like new hires, mergers, or lay-offs, which makes cost forecasting more accurate and easier to obtain.  For example, when you hire a person for the marketing team, you know they need approximately 4 new licenses to do their job and can estimate accordingly.

Subjective Metrics 

The best part about the NOW platform is that there are no limits to the ways you can customize. As such, adding customizations to your SAM program to gather subjective information about the various areas of your business can be incredibly valuable and inform major decisions. For example, while it might not be important to know how much a given software is costing you per FTE, it could be a useful metric to know when evaluating alternatives.

ITS has a deep expertise in understanding our customer’s needs and helping them leverage their data to maximize the value of their SAM program. If you’d like to talk about how you can get more out of your SAM program, feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to start a conversation.


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