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Video: Leveraging the CMDB to Enable Remote Workers

Yvette Mathews
June 25, 2020

Learn more about leveraging the CMDB to enable remote workers.

In this time, many organizations are experiencing a rapid shift to a "work from home" model. As the urgent work of business continuity is resolved, teams are turning their focus to the equally important workloads that will support a sustainable Remote Operations model into the future.

In this video, Fritz Byam, CEO, and Yvette Mathews, VP of Services, shared practical ways to leverage the CMDB to provide support for the Remote operations model and to provide end-users with an experience that is both productive and secure. In this video you can expect to learn:

  • How to be better prepared to measure and mitigate the potential impact of remote CIs on CMDB health
  • How to provide clearer insight into the organization's specific security risks relative to remote CIs
  • How the CMDB can be utilized to support more timely telemetry about the environment
  • How to better enable IT to support productive Remote Operations on an ongoing basis.

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