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Streamline and Automate Your Management Workflows with the ITS Jamf Integration for ServiceNow

Josh VanDuyn
September 13, 2023

With the ITS Jamf Integration for ServiceNow you don’t have to hope, you’ll know exactly where you’re going.

As an organization considers allowing more Macs in their environment, many questions arise: Do we need to add new IT support? Does this change our previous process (i.e., imaging and security)? Do the users need new software and workflows? Managing Macs at scale is more complex, and you will need automation to help streamline the process.

ServiceNow is a best-in-class platform for automating IT Service Management at scale, but historically, there has been a gap between the automation you can implement to manage the Windows and Mac populations. The ITS Jamf Integration helps eliminate that gap along with the "swivel chair" processes required to help fulfill Mac service requests from ServiceNow.

With the ITS Jamf Integration, you can:

  • Automatically populate your CMDB w/ Hardware CIs and Software Inventory to the same standards as the Windows population.
  • Enable IT to efficiently manage Macs from ServiceNow without giving everyone access to your Jamf environment.
  • Create automated Self-Service catalog items for various requests, including FileVault Recovery keys, unlocking user accounts, and Software Delivery.
  • Automate Software Asset Management metering and license reclamation to save up to 22% on software licensing
  • Trigger Remote Management Commands automatically from ServiceNow
  • Provide reporting for leadership from Jamf data, including Extension Attributes.

Watch this short video to discover how to retrieve your FileVault Recovery Keys from our remote management suites and if you ever need support, please reach out!


Whether you are just focused on improving accuracy in your ServiceNow asset inventory or looking for workflows to improve IT automation, the ITS Jamf ServiceNow Integration is a sure-fire way to streamline workflow, reduce costs, improve productivity, and free IT to focus on other tasks and projects.

Learn more about how you can automate your processes and think differently about how you manage your devices. The partnership between the ITS team and Jamf has helped organizations manage fleets of all sizes without requiring all hands on deck. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 Macs, your team can feel confident setting up, deploying, and supporting your fleet from ServiceNow with the ITS Jamf Integration.

If you want to learn more, check out the ITS demo here or visit www.itsjamf.com.

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Authors: Jay Wigard, VP of Product and Josh VanDuyn, Sales Specialist

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