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Video: Support Macs remotely from ServiceNow with our Jamf Integration

Jay Wigard
April 30, 2020

As remote workforces grow, so does the demand on safe and remote delivery of IT services.

For many, the growing demand on remote IT services is drawing attention to the fact that Macs still tend to be managed differently than Windows at the enterprise level. With the introduction of version 1.2 of our ITS Jamf Integration (compatible with Orlando and all recent ServiceNow versions,) we aim to close that gap with automation and make it easier to deliver services remotely from ServiceNow to your Mac population.

The ITS Jamf Integration has been able to automate the import of hardware and software data from Jamf to the ServiceNow CMDB since its initial release – Version 1.2 now also enables remote software delivery (and removal) for Macs from the ServiceNow Service Catalog. Just import policies from Jamf and use our simple wizard to convert them to catalog items. Your end users get an easy, familiar online shopping experience for software; when they check out, the integration gathers approvals if needed and the user is automatically moved into the Jamf policy that installs the software.

As economic uncertainty mounts, cutting costs is more important than ever. This is another area where our integration shines – it can monitor software usage and remotely uninstall software that isn’t meeting usage requirements. This allows you to redistribute underused licenses instead of purchasing more, saving up to 22% on IT software spending. The software data imported by the integration also gives you great data into compliance as software audits become more common, and Cybersecurity insights into the risk profile of your end user software vulnerabilities.

In this video, we’ll demonstrate:

  • Automated import of CMDB Hardware and Software Install data from Jamf and how that can support your teams
  • Automated Software Delivery from ServiceNow Service Portal
  • Automated Software Reclamation of underutilized or blacklisted software

How do your teams benefit?

  • Cybersecurity can leverage the integration to better analyze software vulnerabilities and remotely remove problematic software
  • Software Asset Managers get accurate data to stay in compliance and reduce software spending during economic uncertainty - these SAM processes can save up to 20% on IT Software spending
  • IT Help Desk becomes more efficient with up-to-date info on user assignments and hardware configuration.
  • Automated Software Delivery frees your Help Desk from email requests and repetitive fulfillment tasks, increasing their bandwidth.

Learn more about our Jamf Integration for Servicenow.

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