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Actionable Integration Demo: ServiceNow To Altiris (AI: Altiris)

Chad Dupin
March 9, 2015


THE CHALLENGE: Advancements in consumer product and delivery experiences have set high expectations for corporate IT.

Today’s employees expect the service desk to know everything about everything connected to the corporate network, and to provide real time delivery on requests. The employees are often disappointed by opaque handoffs, unexplained delays, and lack of consistency. IT’s default solution is to task more people with more work, which usually exaggerates the issues rather than alleviating them. Simply put, IT is over-worked and under-automated.

One specific example of this problem is the request and delivery of software to employees. The current online shopping experience that employees use sets an expectation of immediate product delivery upon request. However, most IT organization lacks the automation and integration to meet these expectations; instead they rely upon manual action to fulfill the employee’s request.

ITS Partners solves this issue with an actionable integration between ServiceNow and Altiris. This integration allows for the import of Altiris Configuration Item data into ServiceNow as well as the automation of Altiris tasks called from ServiceNow. The integration is compatible with Altiris 7 to 7.5.

Import Altiris Computer Configuration Items (CIs) along with related drives, network adapters and installed software.
The import utilizes ServiceNow Import Sets and runs on a schedule. The CIs are imported to the ServiceNow CMDB in the following classes: Computer, Disk, Network Adapter and Software.

Automation occurs by executing an Altiris task from a link on a form or from a Service Catalog request. Automation examples include triggering computer reboots from an Incident or automatically installing software upon a Service Catalog request. This uses a web service call and ServiceNow Workflow to call Altiris. ServiceNow Orchestration is not required.

Features of the Actionable Integration: ServiceNow to Altiris

  • Import Core Data – Computers Data from Altiris 7.5
    • With related Installed Software, Physical and Virtual Disks, & Network Adapters
  • Execute Altiris tasks on Computers managed by Altiris and imported from Altiris
    • From a link within an Incident record
    • From a link within a Computer record
    • From a Service Catalog Item request for Software with automated task deliver from Altiris

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