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Your dog has never been more excited.

Rachel Skinner
March 18, 2020

Working from home these next few weeks? So are we! ITS has a culture in place where we encourage remote work. Half of our employees work from home regularly, so this ain't our first rodeo. We thought we'd share some fun tips on how to successfully work and survive at home these next few weeks.

Working From Home


Disclaimer: We are taking this crisis seriously, but are simply trying to add in humor to everyone's day! Share your tips and tricks with us, we wanna hear!

8 Working Remote Tips & Tricks

1. Get out of your pajamas and take a shower in the morning, so that you are refreshed. I know you love your dog, but I guarantee that you won't be as productive if you smell like a dog.

2. You have to have some good music in the background. I mean chances are there is no one else around, so why not whistle while you work?

Need a good playlist? Here's a few that we're listening to!

Lo-Fi Beats


Lowkey Tech


Best of the 80s


3. Think about all of the people who are out of work. Here are ways that we can help others!

Kids Food Basket

Local Community

Athletic Staff

Local Restaurants

Good thing drive-thrus are still open. The government knows you can't cook anyway. Jk, maybe you can.

4. Extroverted? Same. Call your people because chances are they are sitting on the couch too! Utilize your cell phone, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, whatever it may be for you. Relationships aren't on hold, so let's take advantage of the technology we have available. (Or perhaps you're introverted and this is your time to shine...still reach out because the extroverts need it). Every morning at 8:30 am we hold a Daily Huddle where we all come together and share updates in the business. It's a great way for all to stay engaged and exchange some laughter and lighten the mood of the situation. (Peep the dog in the middle). Also, this Friday we're hosting our first (but not last) #VirtualHappyHour - it's gonna be lit.

Zoom Call


Encourage those in your circle. Everyone is affected by this and anxiety is in the air. Schedules are getting shaken, so be patient as we are all frustrated.

5. Eric Roberts of ITS shares the negative effects of working from home if you don't set boundaries. "It can be even easier to “never stop working” when you are a remote office worker. Setting boundaries and creating a work-life balance can be an even greater challenge. You would think “Oh great I can work from home, spend more time with family, etc.” but the opposite can also be true as work moves into our homes." Create boundaries - stick to your normal hours if possible. We value work and life here at ITS and we encourage others to do so as well. We do not encourage child labor, but if your child has been wondering what you do for work - now is a great time to teach them!

Working From Home

Along those lines, need to take a break during the day? Trying to keep your kids occupied? There's this thing called TikTok - ask them if you can make one as a family. Instant "COOLEST Parent Award" goes to you. Learn the Renegade.

6. Messy office? That's ok! If you are using an app like Zoom for remote conferencing and sharing your video, you can add in a background so all of your last week's laundry won't be seen! I was laughing out loud when I watched this.

7. Bored and need someone to chat with? Pick us!

8. We're all in this together. Go knock out this week of work like it's your job...

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