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Man's Best Friend...and Coworker these days...

Rachel Skinner
April 12, 2021

Excuse us as we interrupt our regular scheduled ServiceNow Thought Leadership programming and show off our favorite coworkers at ITS.

Meet some of our 4-legged friends to celebrate National Pet Day.We are proud of the culture we have built and the people who make up our team. Amber Torline, Chief People Officer, shares why she enjoys ITS,

I came to ITS for a variety of reasons, but mainly the opportunity to work for a company in West Michigan that values both their employees and their community. The leadership team has created a really special culture built on trust, transparency, growth, and fun. I really see ITS as a hidden gem here in West Michigan. Plus, our dog-friendly culture is a huge bonus for all the new puppy parents in 2020.

Dog-friendly culture?! Sign me up! If you need another reason to love ITS, there you have it.

Please take a look at our open positions, pass them along to a friend and join our team! In the meantime, check out a couple of our furry friends who make our days brighter!


Adler (Small Munsterlander)

Dog Mom: Ellery Blasch
Age: 1 year
Tricks: Shake and I absolutely love snuggling, I don't lay down if I am not touching my humans.
Food: Anything I can lick off plates in the dishwasher.



Archie (Golden Retriever)

Dog Dad: Jacob Kelley
Age: 3
Favorite Tricks: I know the usual; sit, stay, come, etc… But my favorite is ‘belly rubs’ where I plop down on my back and lift my back leg for scratches, and more often than not, I just go directly into the belly rub position regardless of what command my dad says. I can successfully find antler sheds in the woods with the command “Find the Bone.”
Favorite things: Playing fetch, and running in whatever water is close by, even if it’s a river in the middle of winter.
Favorite snacks: Typical dog treats, apple slices, sweet potato. Will do anything for cheese.


ITS Pets

Happy National Pet Day!

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