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Video: Windows 10: It's dangerous to go alone!

Chad Dupin
June 28, 2017


First we showed you how to stay in orbit with Windows 10, then we wanted to make sure you didn't lose your job over it. Between then and now, some crazy stuff has happened. WannaCry was a peeling back of the scab hiding your real patch compliance, and the continued terminology changes Microsoft is forcing on us all is just making things more confusing.

We're helping customers just like you get critical applications, broken by the cadence of new releases and increased pressure on patch compliance, back up and running again. Maybe you're thinking that you don't need to watch another video, but there's a whole lot more you need to know. Beyond telling you what the problems are, in this video we'll discuss new features you should be aware of and how Microsoft continues to align their growing solution stack to these new release channels.

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