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ITS Partners Launch New Offering, CMDB Pulse™

Josh Bernson
September 22, 2022

The ITS Partners Innovations Team is proud to announce a new offering that helps you build a healthy CMDB, trust your decisions, and maximize the value of ServiceNow. We call it CMDB Pulse™! CMDB Pulseis a total CMDB health check for ServiceNow that replaces the fear of the unknown with clarity and confidence.

Analyze your CMDB from top-to-bottom in a new and actionable way, and get the most out of your IT investment — with confidence. Without a healthy CMDB, you’re facing the fear of the unknown. 

Expanding the potential of ServiceNow should be an exciting prospect, but if you can’t trust your CMDB data and processes, it’s hard to make decisions confidently. Is our CMDB helping us, hurting us, or holding you back?

We get it. Unknown complexities are lurking in your CMDB, and who knows what havoc that could wreak on critical projects. Without a healthy CMDB, an IT investment can feel like a potential minefield of runaway costs  — instead of a vehicle to drive your business forward. Not being able to trust your CMDB can be a nerve-wracking prospect, but when it comes to improving your systems, it can be hard to know where to begin. Don’t worry. We can help.

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Here is how CMDB Pulse™ can help you:

Access to your very own CMDB Health Coach

Our experienced team will help you know what a healthy CMDB looks like, including best practices for the common service data model (CSDM), mapping processes, key roles and responsibilities, and governance models that best suit your organization.

Measure it all with a Complete CMDB Scan

We will help you evaluate your CMDB with our groundbreaking tool that measures three times more metrics than our closest competitor. As a result, you’ll quickly get the clarity you need as you determine accuracy, completeness, and causes of inaccurate data — it even programmatically recommends best practices to improve CMDB health.

Complete Process and Governance Review

Our governance specialists will use their expertise in CMDB and business processes to guide you through a thorough review of current processes and identify opportunities for overall process improvements.

Critical Diagnosis and Strategic Presentation

Following a comprehensive scan and review of your CMDB, we will provide a health assessment with actionable recommendations to prioritize technical & process improvements to transform your CMDB.

Technical Findings & Action Plan

We will provide an in-depth report of data findings, recommendations, and supporting details to empower your team with actionable activities for immediate impact.

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Register for our upcoming live webinar on October 5th, where we introduce our offering, CMDB Pulse™!

Register for 11:00am ESTRegister for 2:00pm EST


Our mission is to make IT work for you and not against you by innovating the way your business manages IT with ServiceNow.

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