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Todd Francisco joins ITS as the Vice President of Professional Services

Rachel Wells
September 19, 2022

Welcome Todd Francisco, VP of Professional Services!

Recently, we sat down with Todd Francisco, our new Vice President of Professional Services, to learn about his journey to ITS, what inspired him to join the team, and what he has planned for the future.

Q: What brought you to ITS Partners?

It reminds me of a couple of the companies I was part of previously and enjoyed. I've been with large companies... I've been with small companies...and I like smaller companies. Everybody is very actively involved and has opportunities to continue to grow through company expansion and working with various customers. So I was excited about that. And the people here remind me of many other teams I've worked with that are a great group of people who want to do right by the customer. There's a great leadership team. It's that right blend of different leadership types. There is a great mix of diverse personalities, cultures, etc., which works well for the team due to the right balance.

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Q: What experience do you bring to ITS?

Coming in, I bring a broad mix of experiences. I have been with large companies (80,000 to 100,000 plus) and small companies. I've been involved in Global IT Outsourcing, deployment of global systems, led cross-company consulting teams, led Agile support teams, and led transformation activities. One key thing I bring is my experience with two different companies very similar to ITS in the same industry, same ServiceNow space, same size, and same culture. I've been involved in helping them grow from companies smaller than 100 to companies that were 300 to 400 people. It doesn't sound like significant growth, but some big transformations and cultural shifts occur when this is happening. In my last position, I was very involved in driving the transformation. You tend to hit different issues when you hit the 80-person mark, then the 150 mark, and then the 300 mark. There are various cultural shifts and different methodologies or ways you need to structure the teams as you move away from a heroic approach to a more mature organization. The effort must become much more process driven, and I've led those activities. I saw all kinds of opportunities at ITS based on the positive things that are already in place and where we could enhance that and take it to the next level. Also, the experience that I bring with having worked on large global, complex projects and programs comes into play as we start developing stronger partnerships with our clients and bringing more capabilities to them. They will be asking us to do more and have higher expectations, and I can help our organization grow in those spaces...grow the people, enhance our processes and drive great customer experiences.

Q: How have you liked your new role so far at ITS?

I love it. I love my role! It's one where I get to lead and participate in transformation activities. I've always been one that loves "Okay. What's the big picture...where are we going... what's the strategy and approach... and then transition that into the tactical side of execution and implementation." So you have that mix of internal collaboration but being able to still work with customers and get in front of the projects and work with the teams. For each project, even though the ServiceNow areas may be common and our methodology is common, every client is different. Every client typically has its own nuances, personalities, cultures, and set of expectations. So I'm able to work with our team, ensure we establish the right project strategy, and ensure we have the right people in place. It all establishes that we're doing what is needed to meet the customer's needs. Those things that positively enhance the customer experience and our internal experience are really what drive me daily.

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Q: What is your favorite core value and why?

The one that continues to grow on me more and more is Value Trust First. I had a great conversation with Fritz the other day, and he helped me take my understanding to a deeper level. Yes, I like the straightforwardness of it, but there's much more to it, and that's the part that sticks with me. It's the deeper aspect of ensuring we have a safe environment. When we are having conversations internally or with customers, it's "I'm trusting you, and you're trusting me." We're building a relationship based on trust. We're looking out for each other. The only way we will be successful is if we do it together, and we have to trust each other for that to happen.

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Q: What is your favorite memory so far?

My favorite memory so far was from my first day with ITS. While I have various tattoos, I came into the office buttoned up, ensuring they were all covered. I've been in the consulting world for some time now, so, you know, you button it up because you don't know how people will respond. When I sat down to start training, I noticed the onboarding person had a tattoo showing. I'm like, Oh, what do we think about tattoos? And he's like, "you be you, you come here, you show those tattoos, be respectful of everybody, but at the same time, you be you." That's what we pride here. I received this same message from the rest of the leadership team when I discussed it with them later that day. That is really why I knew I was home, you know because that's how I pride myself on being with those WHO are reporting to me. It's you, be you. Being able to be a leader in an organization that honors differences in all of us and allows us to be comfortable with who we are really hit home, and so that is why it's one of my favorite moments.


Q: What is your number one goal in your first year?

My number one goal is relatively simple sounding but has a number of sub-components. The goal is to ensure a great customer experience. But to get there, we do it by creating a great experience for our team members...a great experience across the board. It means we're maturing in how we set clear internal expectations, structure solutions, and work with the client upfront to establish a relationship and set expectations. We build that trust... build the trust with our internal team and ensure they know we're looking after them. We're giving them what they need. At the end of the day, it all comes together. We're all lined up, focused, and enabled to ensure we're taking care of our customers. Our team members have a great experience, leading to the customer having a great experience, and everybody's having fun.
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Todd F.  Todd Francisco, VP of Professional Services

We are so excited to have Todd as our VP of Professional Services. Check out our offerings and solutions and learn how ITS Partners can help you and your organization.

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