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Try a Free 30 Day Trial of our ITS Jamf Integration for ServiceNow

Jay Wigard
July 15, 2019

Our ITS Jamf ServiceNow integration is now available for a free 30 day trial in the ServiceNow app store! Visit the store and select "Request Trial" to start your 30 day session. Once approved, go back to the store and click “Try” to entitle the application on one or more sub-prod instances. The integration takes just a few minutes to install, but make sure to reach out to our Integration Specialists for a demo so you’ll be up and running in no time.

Jamf 30 Day Trial

Why our integration?

We’ve optimized our integration with input from Jamf, ServiceNow’s SAM and ITAM teams, and our own world-class ITAM architects to ensure we’re following best practices and providing an excellent experience. Not only does our integration automate and simplify the process of importing your asset data into the CMDB, it also inventories and normalizes your software data with SAM-P functionality in mind so you can easily setup reclamation rules and save as much as 20% on your Mac software licensing.

This functionality is exclusive to our integration - the Jamf Pro API doesn’t natively surface the publisher names needed to properly administer SAM-P for Mac’s, but our integration is able to extend the Jamf Pro capabilities and collect publisher names. Again, this is exclusive to our integration and something you’ll likely miss if rolling your own!

For more details on key features and system requirements, visit the integration page in the app store. 


Request a demo of our Jamf Integration

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