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How Huntington Bank Turned IT into a Driver of Organizational Growth

Rachel Wells
February 1, 2021

Since partnering with ITS, Huntington Bank’s strategic alignment, departmental unity, and technological maturity have led to game-changing insights guiding the organization to greater success. 

While Huntington is dedicated to continually improving its IT infrastructure and workflows, there have been some remarkable outcomes from its efforts thus far. See how we did it here.

  • Green Hardware Disposal - Much like license management, Huntington centralized ownership of the disposal process. Now, vendors solicit the best price for disposal and can now resell or recycle items, reuse parts, or donate devices to their community.
  • Increased AutomationHuntington has eliminated much of the strenuous and inaccurate hand-keyed processes and can now automate the fulfillment of the majority of requests that come down the pipeline.
  • Significant Cost SavingsAfter implementation, Huntington saw skyrocketing cost savings and cost avoidance within their asset management program. Software reclamation alone ended up saving them the annual salary of one FTC. Communicating the significant ROI to leadership gave them the green light to self-fund other asset management initiatives.
  • On-demand ReportsThe team can now report on the status of any workload within IT at any given time. This helps IT build significant trust with leadership as they can share a tactical roadmap for their maturity and a real-time status report on their execution of that roadmap.

Download the full story here to learn more about the detailed outcomes and Huntington Bank's road map to success.


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