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Fritz Byam Shares How Operational Technology Drives Business Success

Fritz Byam
May 5, 2024

At the S4 conference, ITS Partners' President Fritz Byam delivered an inspiring presentation on the critical role of operational technology (OT) in achieving remarkable business outcomes. Byam emphasized the importance of effective OT sponsors in the asset-owner environment, who can provide the necessary resources and authority. He then shared valuable insights on how to win over these potential sponsors and gain their support. You can watch the full session here →

Byam's journey from an engineering graduate reassigned from international assignments to a production supervisor shaped his appreciation for the operational side of businesses. He highlighted how this transition from engineering to operations not only deepened his love for the dynamic environment of production but also gave him unique insights into the effectiveness of OT.

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Fritz underlined the importance of bridging the gap between technology and people. He stressed that operational sponsorship is necessary for even the most advanced technologies to succeed. Byam provided practical examples of how OT can address common operational challenges, such as knowledge retention and process efficiency, by focusing on real-world applications, thus underscoring the value of aligning OT initiatives with broader business objectives.

The key takeaway from Byam's talk was the emphasis on creating a narrative that resonates with operational teams. He suggested that by aligning OT strategies with the priorities outlined in operational SWAT analyses (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), businesses can harness OT for security and compliance and as a driver of competitive advantage and operational excellence.

In today's fast-paced industrial environment, Byam's insights are invaluable for companies leveraging technology to boost efficiency, enhance security, and ultimately achieve superior business outcomes. His call to action for operational sponsorship as a cornerstone of successful OT implementation serves as a guiding principle for organizations navigating the complexities of modern industrial operations.

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