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Building Custom OT Tools In ServiceNow Does Not Make Sense. Get a better result with the Out-of-box OT solutions and save some money too.

Fritz Byam
March 1, 2024

As organizations start their OT program, they often ask,

Why can’t I use my existing ServiceNow ITSM and SecOps solutions for OT? ”

The answer is, “you can”, but the total cost of ownership will be much higher than the purpose built ServiceNow OT solution and your outcomes will be inferior.

Utilize the purpose-built OT modules from ServiceNow for the following reasons:

  1. A Lower Annual Direct Cost of Licensing: The OT Modules consolidate subscription units, giving you as much as a 10-1 advantage over the non-OT product. This reduces the total number of subscription units consumed. As we will see later, the OT modules also save you from the cost of custom development and the significant technical debt of a customized solution.
  2. Seamless Data Integration: With the OT Modules, you can access ServiceNow’s no cost library of pre-built integrations; a game-changer. These integrations facilitate smooth data flow into the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), essential for maintaining accurate, trusted data sources. These integrations make achieving a reliable data foundation easier, underscoring the modules' value in ensuring data integrity and reliability.
  3. Operational Context with Industrial Process Manager: The Industrial Process Manager is a standout feature of the OT Modules, providing users with critical operational context. This context is pivotal for understanding the nuances of operational technology, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning. Without this tool, organizations may navigate in the dark, lacking the insights needed to drive operational excellence.
  4. The Ability To Utilize ServiceNow’s OT Vulnerability Response: The OT Modules are a Prerequisite to using OT VR by ServiceNow. This system integrates seamlessly with ServiceNow's IT workflows, enabling a unified response to security threats across IT and OT landscapes. It aims to enhance the security posture of critical infrastructure by providing clear visibility into vulnerabilities and facilitating efficient, coordinated response efforts.
  5. OT Security with Role-Based Access Control: Security is paramount in operational technology, and the OT Modules deliver by providing robust Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). This ensures that sensitive OT data is accessible only to designated personnel, bolstering security protocols and protecting against unauthorized access.
  6. Ready-to-Use Functionality: With an array of out-of-box functionalities, including reports, workspaces, and new features, the OT Modules offer turnkey solutions that reduce deployment times and eliminate the need for extensive customization. This ready-to-use functionality allows organizations to hit the ground running, focusing on strategic objectives rather than development hurdles.
  7. Minimized Technical Debt: Opting for OT Modules significantly reduces the technical debt associated with custom-built solutions. This aspect was highlighted as a major advantage, as it lowers the long-term costs and complexities of maintaining and updating OT systems, ensuring sustainability and scalability.
  8. Streamlined Data Management with ServiceNow Reconciliation Engine: Lastly, using ServiceNow's Reconciliation Engine is crucial in prioritizing data and eliminating duplicates. This feature enhances the accuracy and integrity of the CMDB, facilitating better decision-making and operational efficiency.

These eight reasons highlight the benefits of utilizing ServiceNow OT Modules. The advantages are crystal clear, from cost-effectiveness and seamless integrations to heightened security measures and decreased technical debt. As organizations navigate the intricate realm of operational technology, the insights from this survey emphasize the significance of selecting solutions that cater to immediate needs while laying a solid groundwork for future growth and innovation.

Embracing ServiceNow OT Modules is a strategic move toward operational excellence, enabling businesses to leverage technology effectively, secure their operations, and confidently achieve their long-term objectives.

We are here to support & guide you all along the way, so let's start your OT journey today. →

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