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Maximizing Your Operational Technology Outcomes with ITS Expertise

Fritz Byam
January 15, 2024

Discover How Our Unique Blend of ServiceNow Skills and Manufacturing Insights Drives Success in OT

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the complexity of managing connected devices in operational technology (OT)?

It can be tough to navigate, but with the help of the team at ITS Partners, it becomes a lot more manageable and understandable. We're here to guide you through the process of automating your workspaces and workflows, ensuring that your OT devices are accessible and user-friendly for everyone involved. 

We Have The Right Team to support you.  At ITS, we know that having expertise in ServiceNow is essential, but that's just the beginning of achieving outstanding OT outcomes. That's why we've brought on experienced manufacturing practitioners to our team. Many of us have worked our way up through production plants, giving us invaluable real-world insights that we bring to our approach.

Who Built the Integrations? Integration is key in OT, and at ITS, we're proud of our ability to develop relevant graph connectors for integrating OT data into the ServiceNow CMDB. This seamless integration is crucial for efficient and effective OT management.

 → Download our Five Reasons Why ITS for OT.

Prescriptive Guidance. We don't just offer services at ITS; we provide solutions. With a clear vision for planning, piloting, implementing, managing, and measuring OT using ServiceNow, our approach is highly prescriptive. We're dedicated to ensuring you achieve the desired outcomes in your OT environment.

OT Pilot Experience. Our experience spans across numerous pilot projects in Europe and North America. This vast exposure equips us with the knowledge to help you achieve your goals and avoid common pitfalls in OT implementation.

We Support OT Every Day. At ITS, we are the primary customer support for several top Intrusion Detection vendors. Whenever there's a need to integrate trusted data into ServiceNow, we're the go-to experts. Our daily engagement in OT support underlines our commitment and expertise in the field.

 → Learn how our manufacturing background and specialized OT services can benefit your organization.

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