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ITS Joins Talent Development Program: Leading Edge

Rachel Skinner
October 29, 2020

ITS is proud to announce that Ashley Mathews, Cammy Warfield, and India Tellkamp have been selected to be a part of this years Leading Edge by Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce.

Leading Edge is targeted to high-performing women who are currently leading projects and/or people in the workplace. This program helps you create a successful path forward by teaching practical concepts and offering a hands-on practicum in the leadership skills you need. It offers opportunities to discuss how personal worldviews have an impact on how you show up at work.

Member of Leading Edge, Cammy Warfield shares her experience in this program. "Leading Edge teaches cohorts to lead with empathy, building the foundation for understanding the importance of emotional intelligence in our professional and private relationships. Female leaders collect a well-balanced array of specific capabilities for future challenges like creating safe spaces for honest feedback, the courage to ruffle feathers and drive change, and fostering the creativity to think outside the box to make her a more decisive, more effective leader."

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