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Adam Licata Wins EMM Partner SE of the Quarter from Symantec

Chad Dupin
May 1, 2012

ITS' Adam Licata was nominated by the Symantec TSO organization for the work he did on an opportunity that Symantec won at a large IT firm.  Adam Licata of ITS has been a critical part of the EMM success, touching many of our accounts in the East. His complete body of work for all our customers would be reason enough to recognize him. The email below, from our customer, praises Adam’s pre-sales efforts. The team recognized a need and seeded and closed an un-forecasted deal for $170K at a large IT company to close out the year plus, having the customer sing Symantec's praises is highly valued.

Dear Symantec and ITS Partners,I want to take a moment and recognize the excellent performance and professionalism of Neil Peckham and Adam Licata for an excellent Proof of Concept.  Your performance has made us confident in the product and support of Altiris. This led us to choose Altiris and to further consider increasing number of seats.  In my IT/computing career of seventeen years I have not come across such courteous individuals, willing to educate, work through questions in detail and knowledge transfer.  You took the time to understand our needs and the objectives we needed to achieve and you did this exceptionally well.  We asked you to demonstrate the functionality of Altiris in our environment and you delivered. This required the setup and configuration of Altiris servers, rollout of the agents, building custom packages and proving out many other features. You did this in record time, excellent. Your unselfish knowledge transfer happened throughout the Proof of Concept enriching our understanding and increased our comfort levels in engage Altiris.  Incorporating Adam Licata to the team was extremely beneficial and proved synergetic as both of you executed without hesitation.  It has been a pleasure to work with the both of you and I look forward to working with you moving forward. Your professionalism has given our organization confidence to move forward knowing that we can resolve any issue that may arise as we implement Altiris.  We are very grateful for the wonderful education and nourishing approach that you have taken with us.  Thank you both for your excellent performance and we view you as an asset to our team moving forward.

This quarterly award is given by the Symantec Technical Sales Organization (TSO) to the individual within the partner community who has made a significant impact, both in terms of driving sales, but also in driving customer satisfaction.

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