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ITS Partners launches Prescriptive Vulnerability Response™ offering.

Paul Dixon
September 1, 2020

ITS Partners is excited to announce the release of its Prescriptive Vulnerability Response™ offering.

ITS Partners today announced the launch of their Prescriptive Vulnerability Response™ offering. A starting point to make certain that the first steps of a Vulnerability Response program truly reduce risk, provide operational efficiency, and prepare a foundation on which additional maturity and use cases can be built.

"We have packaged these into a program that includes processes, technical consulting, engagement management, ServiceNow training credits, and a delivery process to ensure that customers get the benefits of our predefined outcomes." says Paul Dixon, VP of Sales at ITS Partners. "When our project is complete, this foundational outcome-driven program is in place."

Upon implementation of ITS Partners' Prescriptive Vulnerability Response™ offering, our customers will have:

  • A formal process for managing threats with streamline adoption.
  • The ability to send and receive prioritized and grouped vulnerabilities with solution data.
  • The ability to organize and share threats by solution.
  • A solid foundation needed to scale your VR practices.

Prescriptive VR will be available starting September 1, 2020. For more information, visit https://www.itsdelivers.com/pvr

About ITS Partners: ITS Partners is a strategic consultancy with four decades of IT expertise. Our exceptional ability to achieve results for our clients has earned us the coveted title "Elite Partner" with ServiceNow. 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 1, 2020

Contact Paul Dixon, VP of Sales ITS Partners, for any other inquiries.

Learn more about our Prescriptive Vulnerability Offering

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