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ITS Partners attend ServiceNow's SKO 2023

Rachel Wells
January 24, 2023

ITS Partners had the privilege of attending ServiceNow's Sales Kick-Off in Las Vegas to make new relationships and strengthen old ones within the ServiceNow community.

I wish you could have all experienced ServiceNow's Sales Kick Off; it was all at once exciting and encouraging, and the number of people was overwhelming.

- Fritz Byam, Chief Executive Officer

ServiceNow SKO

Thousands of ServiceNow employees and partners gather for a Sales Kick Off every year. Fritz Byam, Todd Francisco and Chris Haughey from ITS attended SKO this year, and here is what they had to say:

There were thousands of ServiceNow employees, which is growing; ServiceNow is planning to hire 5000 people in 2023, while other tech companies are scaling back. We are aligned with the right partner, and our brand is incredibly strong with them.

- Fritz Byam, Chief Executive Officer

ServiceNow SKO

One thing I enjoyed about SKO was the ability to not only better understand the direction and focus of ServiceNow as a whole, but to also meet with the ServiceNow leaders for the different workflow areas and discuss ideas as to how ServiceNow and ITS can work closer together to better serve our customer.  With our recent further focusing as the leader in managing and securing critical assets and critical infrastructure with ServiceNow, I was able to discuss creative ways that ITS can enhance our offerings to bring more end to end solutions and increase value to our customers.

- Todd Francisco, VP of Professional Services

ServiceNow SKO

Looking forward to the next event!

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