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ITS Jamf Integration for ServiceNow is officially Utah compatible!

Josh VanDuyn
April 18, 2023

Has your organization started the process of upgrading to ServiceNow Utah, or have you already upgraded? Either way, we are ready for you!

As an Elite Partner and Independent Software Vendor, we have the ability to pre-certify our Integration before the actual ServiceNow release, to mitigate performance issues.

Considering our ITS Jamf Integration or haven’t upgraded to 2.0.1 yet? Here is what you can expect from the 5-Star rated store application.

Release Notes:

New in Version 2.0.01 (March 2023) - This patch fixes a few minor bugs in the previous 2.0.0 release:

  • Adds missing ScriptableRESTResponse.getErrorCode cross-scope access privilege
  • Fixed Extension Attribute import for new Jamf Pro API model
  • Fixed DEP Enrollment Correlation ID for Remote Management Commands
  • Updates ITSJamfAPIMessage to only use executeAsyc() if method is GET to fix an incompatibility between the ECC queue message format and the POST requirements of the Remote Management Commands API

New in Version 2.0.0 (September 2022) This version is a major update which adds support for the new Jamf Pro API, token-based authentication, and significant performance improvements thanks to pagination and data source batch processing.

The Jamf Pro API supports pagination for computers and now offers attribute parity with the previous Jamf Classic API, allowing us to request 100+ computers in a single API call instead of requesting one computer per API call, then transforming and inserting separate records. The new import should be at least 5x faster.

Now that the API includes software bundle ID's, we no longer need the ITS Jamf Software Inventory Policy & Script - we now get all applications through the standard API calls! This simplifies the setup while improving security.

Import Improvements

  • Jamf Pro API Support
  • sys_property for page size / throttling
  • sys_property for increasing max API timeout in slower environments
  • Data Source / Import set-based batch processing for significant performance improvements (5x or more faster than previous methods in early testing)
  • Optional Running Process import

Security Improvements

  • Deprecated Software Inventory Policy and Script in favor of application bundleID's in computer-inventory API
  • Token-based authorization support for Jamf Pro API and Jamf Classic API

Additional Enhancements  

  • Agent Workspace compatibility for ITS Jamf Remote Management Suite
  • Additional Software Publisher Maps for Adobe titles which aren't returned by iTunes API

What is the ITS Jamf Integration?

ITS Jamf Integration allows you to enable your help desk and asset managers using the same tables as your other CMDB/asset integrations to automate and simplify the process of importing your asset data from Jamf Pro into your ServiceNow CMDB.

For more information, please reach out to Josh VanDuyn at jvanduyn@itsdelivers.com or click the button below!

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