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How Riskified Revolutionized IT Asset Management with Jamf & ServiceNow

Josh VanDuyn
January 25, 2024

A Customer Success Story: Leveraging ITS Partners’ Automated Solutions for Streamlined Processes and Enhanced Asset Intelligence by using the Jamf to ServiceNow integration.

Streamlining IT in a Rapidly Expanding Landscape

Riskified, a company known for its innovative fraud prevention and chargeback protection solutions, faced a significant challenge as it rapidly expanded from 100 to 800 employees. The growing pains included asset confusion and a lack of a reliable source of truth for IT asset management. Manual processes, such as tracking assets using Excel and Google Sheets, were time-consuming and prone to errors. That's when Riskified turned to ITS Partners for a solution.

Integrating Jamf and ServiceNow for a Seamless Workspace

ITS Partners offered Riskified a transformative approach by integrating assets with configuration items, commonly called "Connecting the Dots." This integration between Jamf Pro and ServiceNow provided Riskified with a comprehensive dashboard, offering full asset visibility and allowing for data-backed decisions.

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The Vision Ahead: Optimizing IT Processes for Innovation

Riskified is now leveraging the benefits of ITS Partners to optimize its IT processes further and maintain its position at the forefront of technological innovation. By harnessing the full breadth of ITS capabilities, Riskified is elevating their tech infrastructure, proving the considerable value.

Tangible Benefits and Enhanced User Experience

Integrating ITS Partners’ services with Riskified’s Jamf Pro and ServiceNow instances presents a streamlined and accessible approach to IT asset management. Notably, the remote management capabilities provided by ITS Partners have become invaluable for Riskified's future success, leading to significant cost savings and efficiency improvements.

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We’ve been using ITS Jamf Integration for the past couple of years, and it’s hands down one of the best AppExchange purchases we’ve ever made. The entire process, from start to onboarding, was smooth, transparent, and efficient. Josh VanDuyn and the ITS Partners team were exceptional in their service and dedication, making us feel super satisfied! I highly recommend it to any company operating in the cloud. ~ Sharon S.,  Procurement Manager,  Riskified

Strategic Partnership Formation and Process Streamlining

Riskified’s collaboration with ITS Partners led to overhauling its IT asset management framework, addressing challenges related to employee expansion, and streamlining operations that are now pivotal for Riskified's flourishing in the digital business landscape.

By embracing ITS Partners' innovative solutions, Riskified tackled its immediate challenges and laid the groundwork for sustained success and growth in the digital age. This partnership is a testament to the transformative power of integrated IT solutions and a model for other enterprises seeking similar success.

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