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How Lots-to-Lose Automated Incident Prioritization with ServiceNow

Josh Bernson
March 7, 2018


THE STICKING POINT: Lots to Lose Inc. was losing time manually assigning tasks to people for each step of the incident response process.

Even with a standard, codified response process, it was difficult to find resources with capacity to do the work and ensure tasks were assigned in a fast and effective way. Between communication failures, capacity conflicts, and skill mismatches, delays were piling up and critical steps were being dropped or forgotten.

THE GOO-BE-GONE: ITS got the right tasks to the right people instantly by designing workflows and criteria for ServiceNow’s auto-assignment engine.

Leveraging standardized incident responses, a unified communication platform, and a detailed understanding of each incident, ServiceNow is capable of instantly moving each response forward step by step.

Smart selection criteria: ServiceNow accepts configured selection criteria, such as worker skills, ratings, work schedules and availability, and automatically assigns tasks to workers who best match those criteria.

Common platorm: With every worker in the response pipeline using ServiceNow, task assignments are guaranteed to reach the right worker and always contain the critical information to complete the step.

Immediate progression: Each step in the incident response process is assigned to the next worker the instant the previous step is completed. No need for manual communication.

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